The Rebel Birds was inspired by chats with friends. After we got tired of the cages in which we felt locked up, we wanted to be free, to flap our wings away. They called us rebels, they called us perverts, they called us %$#&*#, then we actually chose “rebels”.

Tomás (we pronounce it like “Tom Eyes” or “Tom Ice”) is 32 years old, he’s from Salvador, BA (Brazil), and he’s a cartoonist and a teacher. The Rebel Birds was first published in 2010, and since then he keeps quoting Bizet’s Carmen, in order to fix it on people’s minds. By the way, “L’amour est un oiseau rebelle/ Que nul ne peut apprivoiser” (Love is a rebel bird that no one can tame).


Tranny Baby was born in a degenerated society that divides childhood in “boy’s” and “girl’s”, and she has no time for that. She has both cuteness and guts, but she feels she needs more hair.

It’s L’amour who gives colors to the Birds. He’s the purest love disguised in a rebel impossible-to-tame great kiskadee. Not everybody knows exactly where to find him,  but it is impossible not to feel his presence.

The Greek Chorus is a collective character. The members do a lot of weird things to impose what they think is normal. Thus, their actions actually expose what’s rebel in the birds. They’re scared to death of L’amour.

Tim is the great guardian of gay pride. He’ll raise as many flags as necessary on his search for freedom and for one gorgeous love to get stuck on.

Tom is a lost boy in the Gay World, whatever it means (if it’s a theme park, he’ll want to go on all the attractions).

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All the strips were translated by the amazing Paulo Raviere. You can check some of his English to Portuguese translations here. :c)